Brokerjee - Real Estate Inventory Management Software

When you put your money in Brokerjee, you ought to know why you should buy property management software Let’s figure out what this tool brings to your real estate business

Active properties

Properties that are not in the market should not consume your time. Our real estate inventory management software lets you keep a tab on each active and available property.

Follow up

Brokers lose 90% of the leads because they miss following up with potential clients. Our real estate inventory management software keeps you on top of the market and you never forget to check up on your clients.

Control your search

With detailed search modules in Brokerjee, you can stay on top of your search. A bundle of search options enable you to explore exactly what’s going on in your client’s mind.

Simple automation

Technology should make your work simpler and that’s what our real estate inventory management software does. You just enter the data you fetch from the client and the software will present you the consolidated data for each lead.

Intelligent Data Storage

Unlike your excel sheet, our real estate inventory management software gives you data storage in a smart way where you can use filters and grab the relevant lead in just a few seconds

Extract your data

Mark your favorite leads, extract them in an excel sheet and print them. Who doesn’t love the feel of paper in their hands?

A complete solution for your
property business.

Why you should have Brokerjee Inventory Management for Real Estate?

First-mover advantage

Find available properties for your clients anytime, anywhere.

No more losing clients after today

Brokerjee takes no more than a few seconds to find the best suited property for your clients.

Your data is safe with us

Brokerjee ensures safety and protection against malware.

A community of brokers

With Brokerjee members, you get a chance to meet more brokers , create a well-knit community, and grow more business together.

A complimentary website

Your business gets a website free of charge when you buy Brokerjee CRM software for a year.